Nor Grupo Bursátil Aldesa, based in Costa Rica, nor Almacenes de Desarrollo, S. A. (ALDESA) have nothing to do with Grupo Aldesa.


    Aldesa has an ethical channel, regulated in its Internal Information System Policy, as the internal means through which anyone, both internal and external to the organization, can raise their concerns confidentially, in accordance with the legislation applicable. For this, the organization has the internal procedures, means and resources necessary to carry out the investigations that are required to clarify the facts and avoid any type of action contrary to business ethics.


Grupo Aldesa's ethics channel is adapted to and complies with Law 2/23 on whistleblower protection and, therefore, all those who, in good faith, report their suspicions or actions contrary to business ethics and current legislation, may do so confidentially and, if required, anonymously.

All the information exposed in the communication will be protected by current Data Protection regulations and will only be known by the person in charge of the ethical channel and the researchers who are appointed to clarify the facts.

Once the processing of the communication is finished, the personal data handled in the file will be anonymized and will only be communicated to the competent authorities by strict legal obligation.

Integrity and responsibility

The management of the ethics channel of Grupo Aldesa is endowed with sufficient resources to carry out the clarification of the facts that are communicated with the independence that this channel requires.

All the facts that are communicated will be subject to an exhaustive analysis and, if appropriate, to a detailed investigation, independently and confidentially, in accordance with the organization's internal procedures.


As long as it is in good faith, it is the obligation of all, internal and external personnel, to communicate any fact that is contrary to business ethics and legality.

It is the obligation of Grupo Aldesa to promote the use of this channel, as well as to provide all the necessary protection to informants, to avoid any action or omission that could be considered retaliation against them.

Thus, actions that, due to having carried out the communication, may affect the informant or his relatives are strictly prohibited.

Grupo Aldesa undertakes to analyze and investigate all the information communicated to it, always confidentially and impartially, within the periods established by law.